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the cut end lt gt f an artery to arrest hemorrhage
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be explicable as manifestations of a single process
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by the application of Goa powder or of its active principle
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in which the nasal cavities and adjoining parts are attacked. Secondly
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A distinguished visitor was present at the last meeting of the Royal
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versely by the House with the addition of a new sec
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Eliolofir Occlusion of the ureter ia congenital or ac
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applying to all persons. Purgation produced by drugs is
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session of a superior faculty in its struggle for exist
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followed in cases death in and the result is as yet
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construction of the instrument must result in disa
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due to eating improper fjod. if seen shortly after the
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about extubation which deserved consideration. After one
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easy to make an.r ray picture which will satisfy the
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join the first rib or as in the specimen above referred to pass
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greater portion of the intestinal canal adherent and
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des corps iStrangers de I estomac et de la moiti inferieure
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sometimes increased to such a degree that the whole heart seems
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at the extremities of the small branches only. The largest
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III. Microscopical Examination of the Sputum. Although for the
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In the preceding observations wo proved that gout often
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in the supernatural exercises a greater power over men s
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evening. In the calorimeter the subjects are allowed to turn from side
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only test made on the offspring. Antisheep hemolysin table was presetit



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