with a negative reaction in whom shortly thereafter specific manifestations

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formed as to medical science willing to submit to refined methods

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throat and stomach vomiting cold clammy skin small rapid

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she had left sixteen days before in consequence of fever having

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ous hut too mechanical and limited theory of the physiology of the spleen.

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of the bones. These repeated changes however affect only the

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style of one. Take the following for illustration I have

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quinine sulphate has been suggested but it can hardly be effectual unless the

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after a large experience of its use he has never witnessed any

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yellow fever to the introduction of pipe borne water

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old age low fever or an acute inflammatory affection more

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children is often extremely troublesome and attended with disagree

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examined ten cases of acute rheumatism bacteriologically


tance to the influences which surround the beginning

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ductions more real contributions pertaining to patho



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