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As soon as the facts as to the contamination of the vaccine became

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time the temperature was elevated being F. The pulse

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the occasion requires and do not fit the facts of the

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compass many other services in actuality almost every

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physician of little avail from the infusion being erroneously made. They

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tered and he became aUe to pass spontaneously about

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colourless corpuscles were seen accumulated whilst the blood was flowing

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tentorium and it was assumed that the defect which occurred in a

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Assistant Physician to and Lecturer on Chemical Pathology at St. Bartholo

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After the possibility of a participation by the vagus was advanced by

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of the summary method of recording is that the generality

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disposing to cardiac injury by physical exertion. Excepting in this

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agent when dusted upon raw surfaces ulcers and sores and

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and a lowered general resistance. In performing hysterectomy

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treatment by compression. It will be understood at once that if the

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translucence. The medium is not precipitated or decolorized. The

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substance of tendon and each little stitch aperture In sheath of lat

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stands out preeminent above all others. As time goes on his life story

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sents mixed symptoms of measles and of scarlatina. The period

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cvdarity. An extensive caries was found about the middle of this

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I restored the urethra to its natural length by the operation and

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of irritation to the wounds more especially in those children who are

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seventeen hotu s. The ice was reapplied when the tem

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carcinoma of the liver was not suspected though we were sure that

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nated by germs. There are few children who do not thrive when thus

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turbances no matter how pronounced they are is the diagnosis justifiable.

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can cause a purely literal defect is at the level of the

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As the seed contains thirty per cent of oil a considerable quantity

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was short lived the seizures were extremely violent.

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occurring in typhoid fever is the equal frequency of involvement of the two

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The wife of a colonic begs the doctor for help. What

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We all have patients troubled in this manner in greater or less

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graph of himself taken within three years which will be filed

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midwiviBS had been delivered that the certificates for examination candidates

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treatment is local such as is applicable to general Sprains.

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as a necessary corollary that the apothecary cannot acquire any better

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latter in every instance I aised her pulse and fever and

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pulp or of disease of the periosteum with suppuration. Even the

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confirmed the diagnosis the following being the condition of

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sity of each member trying to improve the meetings by being more prompt

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ning of walls. No valvular disease anywhere save perhaps very

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obtained with the English variety. He found that B. coli

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It is conceivable that a large proportion of the toxic agent

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many cases great relief. In some the benefit is im

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Most of the cases of palpitation occurred in young sub

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