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raising blood. Such a discovery generally has a very depressing

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A. I do not. It seems to me that this hearing in colors

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public gatherings cooperation with other societies hav

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patient during the first trial particularly in pale and anaimic

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Physical Examination. Fupih small Argyll Robertson present knee jerks

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standing of said college shall have been determined.

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mined at the edges adherent at the centre and occluding the opening

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dextrocardia with the ape.x bent to the right of the sternum.

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cases recuiTence took place after the original cicatrization and

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Treatment. Hygienic fresh air. Dietetic avoiding indi

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abortion and no rule for isolation. The animal is not known to

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more effeminate outdoor life is relegated to the essentially

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agent the addition of sulphite of sodium. gm. suffices and an ex

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full habit was seen at my office. A single applica

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ences hyperemia or other pathological conditions. The

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It avails nothing to empty the uterus either in the

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sure to suft er in the long run. AVe fully commend the spirit

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efiluvia which those matters evolve secondly that the infective power of

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are concerned can no longer be considered sufficient when the tumour is

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more of the nervous tissue and many cases of cerebral hemorrhage have

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overstaining to take place. The toluidin hanging drop

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diseases had increased and multiplied. Until they put

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ly depicted him with pock marks. Caesar Rodney a signer

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the real cause is the diminished amount or the total absence

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like vibration of the larynx is a false theory. Scripture s

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fibrinous rhinitis as an independent disease since few

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tially ruptured and in the interior of the uterus he found


kholel zhehidkaikishek. Excisionof cancerof thestom

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sheet and the skin. For its eliminative eiTects the



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