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three weeks before the first symptoms at the age of year. The

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in the sixth case. The condition would not have been

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from school or college. Much here depends on the individual

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Of moral character from a teacher in the last school or in

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cant as a few large ones the accumulative evidence of proba

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The prominent part he took in almost all phases of the

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that of blepharitis and conjunctivitis no mention is made

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a stimulant to a flagging pulse may be added to the milk. In

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to maintain the foot in its right position during months and

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the stutterer always acquires to some extent are to be cor

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retained by the finger of an assistant. The sac was somewhat

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sexual life in one sex and the degeneration and disuse of

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finest photographic gelatin carefully filtered is employed

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and one or tlie other sliould always be used especially

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certained in one case by actual measurement. In short the

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depend on causes involving primarily either of these three require

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vered in for a long time might prove too laborious it would

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upon the committees and also upon the Asssciation in selecting them

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alone and particularly the quiet hours of the night.

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local affection implicated the lymphatic vessels. In such cases

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or less tender on pressure throughout the entire length more

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few infections depend upon toxines and may be prevented or cured by

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and has been provoked experimentally in very many ways.

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chef d oeuvre of the compounder s art a worthy rival of that

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letter from the Secretary of the African Association

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for recording other measurements as for instance the e. tent

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the last being eighteen years old. She had had two miscarriages.

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who had fallen from a scaffold sustaining a dislocation

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focation and for which the incisions of oesophagot



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