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dency showed itself in the atonic habit of the child deli
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discharges from the intestine and disappearance of the alxlominal swell
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of tinea tonsurans. It was.shown that this agent caused the hairs to
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blood becomes less viscous. In one case after injecting
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make further improvements in the direction of sound health or it will
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tenderness over the right kidney and for thirty six hours he passed
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known as atheroma of the arteries. Hence it follows although not
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The opacity is sometimes much deeper seated so that you
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gument on behalf of sanitary cleanliness. But an ac
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peculiar to infancy and as such it is materially associated with the
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profitable return and that whereas the fertilising matter con
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In the following experiment the rabic brain tissue was emulsified in distilled water
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scope we were usually able to settle definitely the size
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growth of microorganisms. Sample VI was then neutral
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lymph or through the sputum. Unfortunately the primary ulceration was
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tate to invite one of their leading surgeons to run over to
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phied as the result of a valvular lesion but hyper
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could be obtained and in cases it was stated that the deceased persons
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therefore it feems natural to diftruft thofe cynical writers who would rigidly confine
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t iat in spite of the inexactness of the height as a
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a heart hcspital with very good results and were also
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bridge and Huntingdon East Anglian and South Midland Branches
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vomiting even excessive. There was a fixed pain in the right
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a pavement epithelium which merges into the absolute flat
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Although the sttite of the patient was alarming I hesitated to
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been exposed to syphilitic contagion in an illegitimate way and it is
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afraid she is now out of all earthly suffering I remem
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worked as a digger in a marshy place. Without having had
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It was however by founding the British and Foreign Medical
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consists in The internal administration of sufficiently



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