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action. It was necessary to prepare a homogeneous emul

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the nipples are too short the shield before mentioned should be worn

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of the Finkelstein method of feeding but the results met

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dense infiltration of cornea with ocular and ciliary injection.

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of them evidently light one of Bergmann s cases was tracheotomized

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W. P. Bowers Manasring Editor Boston Medical and Surgical Jour

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uterus these injections cannot be counted upon and again if

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elapses before relief of the spasm or pain is obtained the

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the affection. Jaundice in varying degrees may be present but is a rather

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Ruth Melancthon L. Surgeon. Granted one year s leave

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The symptoms of cerebral paralysis do not present however in

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symptoms are increase in the tension of the eyeball a

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there may be a sudden and explosive acceleration of the course of ideas.

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Haupt cattle exposed to the infection become affected as a

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and communicated through the lumbar and sacral plexuses of

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under all conditions with abortions in less than most of these

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treatment was adopted and as far as the kidney was concerned it

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In this respect all raw animal products and particularly

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these distention results without hepatic fever. It is prob

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of striation. One should look also for parasitic ova red blood cells white

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less derange the digestive function we are directed to

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prepared to admit that mercury is a most valuable remedy in

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wish them fortune the records of our graduated Aescu

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tian with quotidian charts with remittent charts and

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scarcely a fraction of the personnel could be housed. Buildings near captured

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nerves. The speaker thought the long continued opera

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with forty eight hours interval tertian with seventy two hours



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