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room ready for use after heating to F. It stands on a high

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the like. Aristol and thymol di iodide and other antiseptics seemed to

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of eight. It produced dysentery in cats. Viereck also found this

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days the subjects of examination for the first day are

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per solution to exactly reduce one fifth of a grain of anhydrous gjlucose.

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lyzed protein water however is not absorbed. The fact that the mucosa

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ion in regard to the rapidity with which complete collapse

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test. Fresh beef serum after being heated to C. for minutes was added

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to the daily collection of garbage and street sweep

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ary degeneration from cerebral lesions and combined sclerosis in which the

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any more than fingers or toes can between hot and cold

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iodine treatment do not show any precocious development of their

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cases. The organs examined included brain liver spleen

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New York and the surrounding country reminds one very

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sentative to the Medical Council he had rendered important

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blood vessels and where it is at all excessive sutures tied

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the liver it is usually produced by the presence of foreign

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former being continued until the latter has taken effect may be regardetl

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arterial blood which is either too small for normal

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onies Mr. Eustis was a student with General Warren. On

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attendance both are present. It is in connection with these cases

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acute abdominal symptoms. Pancreatitis of this type

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the speaker relied entirely on the clinical history. The

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study on the nervous system have occurred in our owi

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W. L. Ballenger of Chicago gave the following technical

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beef fat could be converted into butter fat. Physiology

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met with such a complete installation nor such clear results

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inflamnnition of the vein produce this coagulation of the

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involved sometimes territories are cut off by thrombi. The suppuration may

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own for on your side there is no proper information on the

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milder as lands were drained and cultivated and the forests

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