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the present time but I shall reserve such communications

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quinine sulphate has been suggested but it can hardly be effectual unless the

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under close observation and training for several years

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ally and which she had used with a certain number of her

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patient became so averse to permanent loss of voice

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ated. This cardiac condition which by the way is mitral regurgitation and

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of the patient is in every way more satisfactory. I am sure

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and. million mixed staphylococci and streptococci were

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in the theater the supply of instruments was entirely satisfactory and their

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tion in theinter articularportion of the lumbar vertebrae

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of the inflammation and promote the absorption of ef

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I consider the vaccine an absolute preventive if properly used

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the gland tubules. We have however never seen these muscle

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its effects on the heart that its action on the rest of the

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Chronic fibrous serositis peritoneum pleura and pericardium.

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A knowledge of the physiological action of the hj drate of

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Boston Baked Beans. An excellent and favorite dish with every New

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in which formal special instruction is given. There are few condi

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County Medical Societies died after a short illness

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ately burned. Fitz recommends that the feeding utensils be cleansed

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pital San Fernando Hospital District and Yaws Hospi

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ferent article of diet in the stomach which remains

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current on the contrary which only acts upon the retina if it

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had been courteous buttonholes a passing friend and exclaims

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of the parrs particularly in the foles of the feet

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Lorenz proved the presence of the erysipelas l acillus in the lymph spaces

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middle ear and spread thence to the labyrinth. These affections are curable

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event of scarcity of oats or in case the transpoit of

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necessary to use the indicated cardiac stimulants. Pericardial

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owing to any cerebral lesion but is due generally to the con

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original epithelial elements of the tumor being over

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pect disease of the left side the tuning fork placed on the



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