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of rc actiou. It being nine o clock I was compelled

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escaped easily. The placenta was soon expelled without

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no fibroid formation the more or less acute cases of consumption

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were not absorbed as such from the intestine under normal

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terially disordered. The symptoms pointed to a lesion

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blood from a yellow fever patient to an unacclimated person. We

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the same structures as described by Ltihin s and Smith but give them

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first consulted him. Therefore he believed that each

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poison is eaten. He takes fits slobbers at the mouth the

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activity and rest in bed. The majority of these cases

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tion of the collection of septic fluids. Of the great

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Roloff reported in in Germany the occurrence of an infec

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salutary benefit to the human race. If any one should speak

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further from the mere record of individual phenomena brought

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three weeks before the first symptoms at the age of year. The

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immobility is claimed as a hysterical symptom but most authors maintain

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and a substance never to be admitted to the common list

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custom is taken from the words aiguille et fl needle and

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impervious to man. The Siberian seas are given as a proof of

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this method is irrational and dangerous in cases that are

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fare of school children and comprises with some ampli

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that with an infipid metal and a very corrofive raenfl ruum a taft

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lungs in getting rid of the poison. It is altogether proba

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The points of interest in this case are the typical

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gravel underlie its greater part at a few feet below the surface

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fectious fevers such as scarlet fever yellow fever

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been examined several times before the operation and

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serve immediately. Never boil oysters in milk if you wish them good.

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termed the dead space being thus cut out. The practical



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