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that thefe parts are eftabhfhed as vafcular inltead

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The general principles of the diet of elderly persons

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ological relations of the parts immediately and mediately

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prostration when a few incoherent mutterings are the only

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second series of tests was made to indicate whether

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chlorine are indicated to arrest the febrile paroxysm and

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mend the members of the veterinary profession whose names

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and passing it as far down upon the right side as the

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phe the last scene in the eventful drama of a gallant life.

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uterus these injections cannot be counted upon and again if

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by elevation and apply tourniquet. Place the foot with

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hoarseness more or less aphonia and considerable cough there is also

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by a bit of stiff gauze to protect it from extraneous

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gations concerning it in consequence of his having been an

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and could be seen across the room as the abdomen was

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nounced for two weeks. Even now he is dizzy when he

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ieeble and nervous. The books are bkined and thrown aside for

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lymph scrotum Manson advises the same general treatment as before but

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contain th of a grain. At the same time that ergotin

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tious form the patient seldom survives more than three days.

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was surprised to find that all had failed with three exceptions one being

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demonstrated that lymph circulates in the connective tissue interstices and

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Intermittent fever and its various fonns in childhood.

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their insight into its needs and their sensitive con

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an assistant in the cure of contracted feet. What is meant

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disturbed there can be no health in the rest of the system.

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meat. We have occasionally made use of this method to

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cumstances put in his time better than in suggesting

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