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Good food good air and tonics are necessary. Galvanism may be re

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artificial light must be duller for him than for other people or

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just those which retard the action of pepsin and pancrea

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of an alkali. The amount of nitrates is determined colori metrically l y

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labourers the ne vly ar ived Irish being often the victims owing

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matter what is the theory of simple epilepsy to bo dedu

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Six experienced head ache four hallucinations three

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gans and infected either by contiguity or direct extension.

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brulure. The same thing happens in certain cachectic

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of cartilage. It was soon perceived however that the real head of

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of keeping the head of the femur in such a position that

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The Anthropometrical Method of Identifying Criminals.

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served in bouillon and then g own in various media. He

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Bonome has found that staphylococci thrown directly into the blood of

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For this reason the operation was named after both these gentlemen.

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Diagnosis. This offers many difficulties unless examination of the

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either into the bowel as you now see or else by turn

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headedness to succeed in life. The countess s daugh

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portion of the mesencephalon together they constitute

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membrane it may be said In general that the conditions

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