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become loosened at the point where it is most firmly attached ; J
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another to a series previously published — a case in which the patient came under
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2. The Theory of Retention, which is the opposite of the
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If it escape in small quantity, into either the stomach or the intestine, it
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times greyish red or bright red, and almost indistinguishable from the choroid.
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ing pressure at the seventh cervical spine during the time of auscul-
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nify with the name of a man of honour, one who occasionally
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was made of growing carcinomatous tissue. It appears as if
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njenschlicher Embryo longonasus aus der Mitte des zwei-
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wrote W. Russell, LL.D., in " Eccentric Personages." Bal-
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as in others. 6. The latent time of the reflex, corresponding to its origin in the spinal
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fluoroscope showed fluid in tlie lower part of the left chest,
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under the present head the cases described by Dr Meryon in 1852 under
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of the scirrhous being in bad health at this date. The question of cancerous
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inevitable at all times. There was not a single success. There is not
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size and appeared perfectly healthy. It contained blood in an uncoagulated
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Eisner's method of demonstrating the typhoid bacillus. I
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KOiAiaKoG Tv^ov. TlpaKT. ^.vroSov 'EAAiJl'wi' laTpuiv, X^vriatif,
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around the abdomen, etc., etc., but unless sufficient
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form was given by Dr. Bennett, and very little, during
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material, which had made the king solid." Xow I have directed especial
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have usually had previous attacks of lesser severity either in the same
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physician has been found guilty of producing abortion,
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September 20. Condition unchanged, injection of serum.
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The primitive sinus venosus which has a low-lying segment repre-
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have but little practical application : hence, when an opera-
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debilitated condition, either from the long continuance of the
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A. 0., FEMALE, aged 33, came under observation first ten years ago ;
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spasms occurring at the time when the bowels are relieved of
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outward, almost protruding through the skin. The patient was
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quantity of poison very small which reaches any one
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of second generation level. However, detailed analysis of the changes and
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to aq. Oi.) &c., were used to disinfect or stimulate wounds ; oakum was largely
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month after the operation, he declared that his sight in
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the investigations, 1 case was encountered which was suspected
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spontaneously with insidious onset, and develop gradually but progres-
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ments are constrained ; it is not red and hot unless some recent inflam-
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John Herbert Claiborne, Jr., M.D., to Miss Marie Louise
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species of abscess into a moral certainty, of which no doubt could
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sylvania, New York and the Western States. The bark of the



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