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that so materially affect the profits obtained through the livestock

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not regular and she became anemic and neurasthenic

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reaching than had been anticipated by its most sanguine

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two hours until a degree of effect is apparent and then every six

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cerebelli and a little beyond it for an area which could be covered

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curability is shown by the accidental discovery of the so called scrofulous

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ligature of the innominate and carotid succeeded the wound lying beneath the

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matter lies here. This th section simply refers to staff

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affect neighboring organs and this will call for a careful dis

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found in this part of Georgia. It weighed seven lbs.

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tified in exceptional cases but imperiously demanded for the safety of

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absent. There may be a foul smelling discharge sometimes

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Characteristic Features. It is almost always accompanied by increase

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ticated either in the living body or from the macroscopic autopsy .

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internal canthus is suffused with tears during the entire

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deposits might be found in the hepatic cells it was



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