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cefTarily be a veficle or follicle placed between the

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locked twins. Hence the treatment is begun in the same

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ture and even opening the pustules and touching them with pencils of silver

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of those fibers would transmit new strength to other or

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appreciation and use of modern tests to guard our herds againsl

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of intolerably fetid matter was expelled. In this case the physical signs

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raging pauperism and thus injuring the ratepayers so dishonest

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ency to faintness may follow implication of the cardiac plexus.

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elatosus and recalls in this connection the clinical

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extension through the medium of a delicate splint and an

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pure limestone water so impaired the vital forces that

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attention to the diet and general care. Strive to build up

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ultraviolet rays failed to respond to the j rays and Dr.

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gas bacillus are also found. It is surprising in how many instances of

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foundation. Ferric chloride locally also is not of ser

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tion of free hydrochloric acid in the gastric contents

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widely in vogue. The results surely are such a reflect

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cerate. The acetate is less irritating. Quinine and the bark

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IN laboratory work the reaction of liquid is generally found

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to say had made observations similar to my own and as there

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tender t eef steak was chewed and swallowed with comfort.

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titioners Doctors Charles David and Elias Duncombe who

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severer case just mentioned aperients and mercury have been


has been taken as a functional test by clinicians. With a constant food

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substance of a leucocyte which has been fixed in the con


much more frequently a cause of error in diagnosis than is gener

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test extrapulmonary lesions continued negative sputum for the

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imperfection in any of his family. The state was congenital

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C Eosinophilic myelocyte. D Macrobla t undergoing mitosis.

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work. Prof. Boyce said they who formed the expedition

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moscopic examination disclosed the vitreous full of hemorrhages

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did review of them as far as their bearing upon the

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deficiency. Henry Saltzer formerly of Germany and now of Baltimore has

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masses etc. because the mercury salt forms a compound with albu

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forcement of the law by means of the penalties provided therein and

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Teleki and von Hohnel. Borelli deduced that the Omo



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