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the eyes were washed. The umbilicus was dressed with

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quired for the army are enumerated in Circular No. office of

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attack of delirium due to a former intoxication beginning with

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examinations and other related matters will be ade

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course without the assistance of other enzymes but in the natural proc

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the external application of metal discs to the skin

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de. Let Us examine this subject more closely As the

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Tumors of the brain and its coverings were not of rare

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contractures have occurred as well as changes in the other supporting

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motor crises also appear to yield in the same manner

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iotdca are recommended to brace the relaxed pulmonary tissue and make

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and depending on exceptional leugth of the ligaments

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This method of diagnosis has had considerable trial in the different

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will be read with great interest. The nerve was atrophied by

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language first and then of French and of German. And in

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babe before and after feeding and complementing the breast milk the quantity

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reason for believing that the common forms of lupus whether exedens

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in the wildest manner. The language of music which is

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times generally shortly previous to the patient s death he experience a

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blood to exude from the surface of the membranes and vessels.

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through the internal orifice. Deglutition was effected


waters. Still further in locomotor ataxy there commonly are the

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editorial utterance. It would seem that this position would

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bundle. The characteristic symptom complex of tumor

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caused by the tushes coming through the gums. In that

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alleged positive character of the evidence in this par

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the past three years. Lameness first manifested during the summer of

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ers made to keep the dirt and dust out when not in use.

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Mr. Fothergill. It was intended to establish in connection with

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tary Vice President and President this latter office he had

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compared to twenty four hours required by the Trillat or

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propriate to bring to the notice of the members of the Asso

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irritative vapors pollen or dust. In the idiopathic form the symptoms of



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