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unexplained disturbances of the digestive system are
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of goitre disappeared. Jlecently however after a period of a
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of the entire personnel they weathered the storm remarkably well. Of the
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Intraspitial Inoculation. An irregular strain of the meningococcus tending
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innovated laws of hygiene could save those w r ho apparently only
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be perceived on the Schneiderian membrane. By the introduction
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tached until within the last few years of his life.
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to recognize spinal disease at the earliest moment.
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or milky white or sanguinolent looking. Sometimes only one or
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one evil to which many men calling themselves Doctors and pretending
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tion of the vessels at the superior pole. If this is not
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They generally involve the face but have occurred on the
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personal injuries from being knocked down by an auto
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health service. Nor did the Act of entirely remove these
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of inflammation and not to the difference as to whether it is active
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them swollen and transparent and partially or wholly obliterating their
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which case it becomes purulent Frohner Author s case.
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At a recent meeting of the Pathological Society of London Dr. Kleix read
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ken after it rather than by comparison of the highest
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organs apart from the kidneys discovered after death it
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city have disclosed insanitary dairy conditions which
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exanthem. This appeared sufficiently important to warrant
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exception was the general swelling of the mesenteric
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their Pap smear was published by Nelson Averette and Richart in the American
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stones in them. McBurney has shown that incision of the
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after feeding that digestion and absorption proceed ac
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which lines the abdomen and the mucous membrane within the uterus
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of nothing except a little glairy mucus but she is sick at her
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