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student this radical lack of common sense practical judgment so
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colleges and medical councils acted in this very manner and threw
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whole rewritten a large portion of it and added much new matter.
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transverse colon. This occurred intermittently. On palpation no
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losses is measurably due to the mental depression and apprehensions which
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associated disease Starr. In certain cases the affection is apt to recur
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ence should be given to rectal local spinal or mor
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tieaded circulation. Xo attempt has been made to show the oedema.
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cases of idiocy due to violence and in a classification
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or at most in two whereas rheumatic arthritis in the
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only chance of the sufferer lies in prompt resection of the
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etiology. Syphilis except in tlie hereditary and conceptional forms
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region of the superior longitudinal sinus there was also free
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ment was known and I think it causes the most awful
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of common sensation. After trigeminal neurectomy he found
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the use of salt solutions in rectal injections in order to re
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that tuberculosis could be eradicated only by eliminating
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I may mention here an interesting physiological cir
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gave an address on his reminiscences in the profession
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hours elapsed between the first f x ling of pain and a condition
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She still passed her evacuations imder her and lay in a torpid
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has extended itself to the other forces operating in the mate
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tense jaundice everywhere. Spleen normal in appearance. After a long search
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nearby Savannah River and brought back a report that
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Attached here in the original annual report was a copy
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with the opinion maintained by Leuckart with regard
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Again there are authorities who take the extreme view that the
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proposed in the motion. The Council would have to visit
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While with the exceptions above noted the seventh is usually re
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the deposit of a jelly like substance termed by Laennec colloide
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blood escaped. Iodoform worsted was therefore packed into the sinus and the



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