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referred to Patrick s method of diagnosticating hys

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traction about the crura cerebelli especially on the

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only tolerated very kindly by the tissues but exerted

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dilatation of the pupil when atropine has not exercised any action of the

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certain changes in the intestinal flora and the production of poisonous

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Caird Rutland Street Editor of Transactions Dr William

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drum may even heal and the pus be walled off in the mastoid

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physical that is cardiac limitation. Compensation having once

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mia pseudo leucocythaemia lymphatic anaemia or Hodgkin s disease perni

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During the catarrhal exacerbation of measles it is wise to make

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cases should be considered septic and treated as cases of

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It is my most ardent wish that this operation may remain

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Ixix. p. is the following extract from The Field English

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symptoms especially in a middle aged person and most especially

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nothing more than anchylostomiasis. Giles more recently referring

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excised a large lesion for the purpose of having a careful micro

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the patient. I have never seen this complication occur. I

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decribed so objectively and in the deduction of general pathological prin

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majority of cases of long duration. Exceptionally it is developed suddenly

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congenital defect or from acquired disease a condition of

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operation at St Xavier s Infirmary where she had been

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lishment of vaccine stations. The various governments were also

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some cases illustrative of the operation witliout going into prolonged

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members of this staff had agreed to abstain from the

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whirl of their elders are bad. Anything that overstimulates the child is

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These diseases are spread by persons and not by things.

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unable to state the cause of death you should insert unknown not

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to be the rule of life with these centenarians. Fifteen

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among men on their first altitude mission. A study of instances of anoxia

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in the circulation would lead to a dilated heart. The relatively



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