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hours the drivers had become frightened and would not

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be risky and attended often by meningitis or general

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pendently and only became related to each other in the

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melancholia hysteria epilepsy apathy peevishness neuralgia may

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to expel promptly the fetal cadaver. The expulsion of

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In megalogastria we are not dealing with a diseased stomach

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thoroughly to come into contact both with the patch and the turgid

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was much dilated atheromatous and studded with calcareous

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galvanized iron which has been in the past used extensively for con

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sprung up on a mole and returned several times after removal.

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if the cerebral liquid is of slow formation the patient often passes through

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back with the thighs flexed. At the beginning of a pain

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antaironism lietween medicines or poisons has been claimed to exist for example

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stage has passed over and until these have dried and cicatrized.

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civilisation and in our modern conditions of life childbearing

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that the presence of a syphilitic antibody is necessary to prevent

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question of rheumatism C. concludes from the various symp

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after eating. As the digestive functions require for

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Potash Michael Donald University of Maryland Maryland

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Anticoagulant Therapy An Intestinal Complication of

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and of greater duration until at last there was no sensible abatement

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mouth. Further the contact of dry air soon produces circulator

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recently published a very suggestive article on a strain

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occurs before forty years of age and the second after that period.

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lactose and various preparations of casein all of which find a

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which enable the lower animals to have free control over the ear are

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Among the highly controversial appropriations bill the

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to be derived from proliferation of the endothelium.

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at left apex some doubtful signs of tuberculosis in left lower lobe.

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crossed with Boa primigenivs and Bos longifrons as the Ameri

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found them disappointing. Recently ionic medication has been



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