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that branches which in their normal state would hardly admit
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a desirable medium to employ in chronic hepatic affections. By its
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Outdoor air is far better for the lungs than the air of any
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ago while perusing Laennec s descriptions of tubercular forma
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course in public health and sanitary science at the next summer
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The monograph is gradually beginning to assume greater
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e. Milk Fever parturient paresis. The cow lies in a
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By preserving the neck organs entire in Pick s solution I was
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simply imitating Nature and they were not given by in
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their views and have wrongly interpreted facts observed by them.
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producing only one disease and that either absolutely or in a
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inflamed mucous suriace. This characteristic feature is ex ressed by the
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of the scoop with its dangers fragments of the lens and capsule
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assume definite structural predispositions in germ
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gioneurotic edema is that of urticaria although the
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up M. Chassaignae recommends that the roll of strapping
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hazy cornea and adhesion of the upper eyelid to the
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transacted and all went away feeling they had prof
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less only a very little would pass it outwards still that some
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dence are infinitesimally small and though I am careful not to
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inserted across the line of fracture through the cancellous tissue and
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ually becoming smaller and were it not for the re resentation
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has a right to the money set aside for its use unless the
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be kept clean and free from foreign or domestic filth
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influence on the neck of the bladder I am of opinion that
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labour a second dose of scopolamine may be given or
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called Priessnitz poultice. If in the progress of the suppuration the
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coaxed it and rubbed its face and breathed from time
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tion is announced by easily recognized signs. The pulse cannot be felt
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plethoric. Symptoms of dyspnoea or cardiac asthma were not
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occasions profuse h emo tysis. I nevertheless reserved my diagnosis
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the leaft compreffed. Thefe will be dilated more than the others whence the
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It is not uncommon to find many small localised superficial abscesses
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may be accompanied by pain. The gastralgia in neurotic individuals has
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The Delaware Medical Journal DMJ is owned and published
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day the role of a physician is all the more difficult inasmuch
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the same structures as described by Ltihin s and Smith but give them
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hypothesis unsustained by a siDgle historical fact and opposed
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In a paper in the Quartcrhf Journal of the Chemical Societi
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