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cal man knows has an important bearing upon health in many ob

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the centre of the lung. Our experience suggests that

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Observations on the Use of lodipin. Ernst J. Feibeh Aachex Der

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the lungs posteriorly and. lis a general rule the pitch is

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chiefly in patients who have died of infectious diseases and in confirmed

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color of hemorrhages whether bright red dark or almost black depends

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sion it is stated that up to Thursday only two candidates had

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receive branches from this same supply so that we find

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prompt surgical intervention. It was established that the

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fore the board and submit himself to such examination as may be

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much earlier period than the ordinary cases of typhus observed

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of cases of tuberculous cystitis. Those in which a great

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the hemorrhages which were found in the trachea the redness of

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fauces but arises chiefly through the medium of the association

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nodes become more numerous and especially when certain of

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most fortunate lithotomist in this country Dr. Alan P. Smith of

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in an upright position so that the gelatin sets in a cylindrical mass

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They find it impossible to draw any general conclusion

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rectable condition I began to investigate the obliques.

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suddenly fatal even though the first stage seems unaccomplished so

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It is a well known fact that the average jury in reaching a

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of such muscles in lifting even very small weights is

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likewise became distinguished as a physician and professor in

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Although half an hour is the period which this process usually oc


tirely from the treatment which the great majority of



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