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Dr. Sanders The Board finds it necessary to return the
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Radium Therapy in Gynecology. Paul Petit sa gt lt that
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operations recommended by different authorities are removal of the tube
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tient rapidly grew worse and three days after admission
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called for in the person of individuals found insensible on a public
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gave as striking change as we saw with the addition of
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more doulile ones to add to the list. As it is the only
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tion of per cent for several days then reducing to per cent
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pearance of epidemics in institutions and schools very
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stroyed m the process. These thi ee f onus are distinct
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Basham was owed the establishment of this as a clinical fact. In the
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there has been excessive removal of carbon dioxide from the blood as
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large number of mixed bloods. Among students at Ann Arbor I
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sured by means of plaster to prevent the ointment being
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a e sometimes barren. This rule also holds good in horses.
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i. Comparative Studies of Bovine Tubercle Bacilli and of
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victim. This can be accomplished by the use of electricity and
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organs especially are deranged. In order to include all the pheno
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and vauishiug in the manner of a tuft on the skin of
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of mental fatigue. He had applied the esthesiometer
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as acute delirium and in which great relief and final recovery were
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bronchial catarrh with coryza and last about seven days or so.
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eased focus or organ is found it should be removed.
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teaches that pneumonia is a reflex vasomotor exudative
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conjointly whether the effects of the potassa do not entirety
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reasonable speculation in the case of the less rare sporulating anaerobic rods
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vazione clinica autopsia esame istologico. Gazz. inter
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although it produced the usual changes in the general blood
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than most of us of the other sex had been previously
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this notice by quoting a wise saying from the Secretary s
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purpose of scratching the area of skin that has been stimulated. If the



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