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condition is to be distinguished from Pott s disease of the
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ever. The author would however object to such an animal being put
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that the cheaper candy sold in the city is adulterated
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bladder and rectum. Hasmaturia is the salient symptom
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removed by Dittel. Newton removed a small phial Freund a packet
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results have followed from ignorance of the cause which determined the
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and the surgeon finds he has his work to do over. Experi
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this gradually extends outward always surrounded by
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fourths of a million a j ear largely preventable by
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alysis of the reported cases complete bibliography.
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are enlarged. The face is distorted the chin being in
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The blood became disentegrated without putrefaction and graduallj
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met with is commonly due to the extension of the inflammation trom without
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introduced into each wound and the whole hand placed in a
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sive pus. It continued to discharge freely for the next month
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attempt to utilize the sludge has not met with financial success.
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penetrated the vein the rubber tourniquet is loosened.
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for breeding horses for Army use which plan is presented in the
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by evaporation and expiration so that the proportion which remains for
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inflamed the muscular coait is in these cases extremely flabby and the tube
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are present the evolution of malaria appears to be pro
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month and premature births where the cluld is bom between
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in arnica tincture if however the inflammation is still
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all. Three types of the pathologically deformed and
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withdi awal of counter pressure from healthy vessels would
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while the committee are together here and will be handed in for
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small joints of bamboo containing mysterious powders. lie from whom some
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in life. Tlie only cure he could recommend was mar



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