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which of several methods to choose in order to restore

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Early diagnosis of enlargements of the thyroid is a matter of

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rational man as to the lower both actually containing a very

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disease in artificially nourished infants is not proved.

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Electric examination shows extensive degeneration of all

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ending at that end of the bowel opposite the mesentery.

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teacher Dr. Smith as to whether these structures were abnormal or

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erally ineffective and too often are also open to the

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needle. At this stage the lower border of the kidney is

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that these cells must arise from the hematopoietic sys

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But its most characteristic feature as contrasted with polyneuritis is that the

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to make them generally useful they should be made in one form with

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value Iodized chloral phenol commercial carbolic acid

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malignant sore or ulcer which cannot be healed without

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enteric and dorso lumbar glands. The spleen healthy and

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treatment through the endoscopic tube is recommended.

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as simply immersing the nose and mouth is sufficient to pro

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for an otitis media with resultant spontaneous bursting of the drum

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origin and to prevent their extension and that there exists in Parlia

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sion into the hospital. At that time she was very much

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Brunton and Sidney Ringer the stronger alkaline waters if taken

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Ligature of the Facial Artery. This the third branch of the

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perinephric abscess hydronephrosis and other renal afifections lateral

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If the disease develops firom a typhlitis after the superficial tumor

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case of malformation of the urethra causing dystocia

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Vein subclavian compression of by fragment of fractured

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miliary gummata may result these undergo contraction diminishing

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careful physical examination i needed. From pneumo

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permost portions of their houses or on platforms raised

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elements Iby per cent lymphocytes per cent large mononuclear

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