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Polypus is small you can twist it off with forceps. After removing wash

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This dressing is not changed for five or six days when the

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quires the prolonged action of heat tor its entire expulsion even in the

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Although injections as large as cubic centimeters were used it

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Dr. Hays moved to proceed with the consideration of unfinished

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regulation for hospital stoppages at Aldershot. Venereal admissions

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General Symptoms. The disease is usually ushered in with sudden

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to particular parts of the nervous system. Some very general propositions

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tion. Jejunal ulcers may have the same termination.

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all the recent primary lesions of leprosy a bacillus germ very

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London England gives a good account of acute polio

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Ballard Asa Nathaniel mc Pulte cb DeKalb Birmingham.

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limbs which is shown by shifting of the weight from one

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