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our attack at the earliest possible moment after we have

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in large quantities with peculiar propriety by the Turks and Arabians becaufe

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occurred between the ages of and years. In cases the

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was involved. I should remark here that in my own patient sexual

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ject. There is no cause whatever for discouragement. We

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gery from surgical operation on the organs in this region. Occa

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situated in the vicinity of the cervix. Other methods to

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liar walking on the toes to prevent jars. These children

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made in our art and there is a gain to humanitv while

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plications must be made every day and if patience and

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to their lowest standard of water supply and tlie local

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fever during the past eleven years has been a literal

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apparently asthmatic respiration the dyspnoea especially marked on

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cervix is freely exposed by the use of retractors and extra

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are concerned can no longer be considered sufficient when the tumour is

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been quite well proved that the injections of testicular

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September with headache and a tired feeling in the legs. The

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or even provoke it in kidneys not previously so affected. The

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and collapsed. The entire visible and palpable peritoneum was

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tinguishable by the naked senses are recorded I beheve it

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between deltoid and snhscapularis and inserted either

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flex act as seen in the spinal cord and brain. We under

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combine it with the sulphate of iron. When the cho

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lightest pressure stimuli caused pain and the extent of the hyperalgesia could

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itching or other inconvenience. There were no enlarged lymph glands

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the septa in the cavity may be broken down diverticula may

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on decomposition with per cent. HjSO and purification a basic

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and of his Medical attendant. In the following remarks I

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with suspicion the direct relationship between rheumatism

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dTf. the laws of local motion among the parts of matter and the

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type of the couatitulional symptoms requiring wine on the third

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the epiglottis is separated from the ulcer below the tonsil by

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broader than common apparently suggested that universities and

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at the Westminster Hospital nothing more cotild be desired

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marked. Similar pressure upon the bladder and kidneys is

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uncomfortable by the drugs given him took food well and per

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longing this powerful stimulus. If desirable to render

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the distinction is rather arbitrary. Some injurious substances as

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Diagnosis. This in well marked instances is extremely simple. In the

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therefore the surgeon is with his instruments the better and more certain wiU

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persistent cough he considered might well be provoked



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