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trunk but is much less extensive than it should be

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of my own at my disposal and even if my friends could

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between the middle turbinated bone and the outer wall of the

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tococci which ferment raffinose and inulin predominate. Strains

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nesimess to the ear concentration and elevation of pitch. Increased vocal

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saturate linen before employing near the face even galvano cautery.

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the fiber nuclei and alteration in their arrangement some

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Dr. Carrick does not underrate the influence that change of

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from the size of a pea to large pieces weighing about

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warmly clad with flannel next the skin have a nour

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get such comfort as his disease would allow him and

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the fibrin of the blood will not separate or coagulate as it is

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tion gives no hope of prompt relief from this under

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is too frequently trephined for pain in connection with

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Inhalation of specially irritating dusts are the most severe

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pressed and rarely satisfied feel their intellectual powers impaired an

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very much the same as that which Hey adopted and which the

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breathing it while to others a single inhalation of

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amount of air should be carefully regulated so as to obtain complete

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several occasions the author has seen serious chironic

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seem. to be in cold storage plants where men go very

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III. TJ pAr iyifTPTjTATTmj atjti SEOMTCTJTATTnTj. This condition was described

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the bowels often happen in an epileptic seizure but never in hysteria.

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stituted of representatives of the branches and of members

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On examination by the rectum I found that the bladder

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made by Dr. Brewer that the infection could be uni

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the Philadelphia riospital has been appointed Acting

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of surgical narcosis it is necessary to inject as many

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Stamina. The filaments are many about thirty very fliort and flat placed



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