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tive and others negative results. Ledoux Lebard con
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the hemorrhage nor was it markedly influenced by bodily rest. A
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the preponderance of fatal cases is now to be found among the
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an enormous increase is of importance. This occurs in
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Head held back for three weeks past opisthotonos began
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clinic of the University of Berlin where coeliotomy was performed by Olshau
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ment based on this theory has. in the author s experience.
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the entire thickness of the pituitary membrane and also the
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those attending the Public Health Committee meeting in
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Discussion opened by A. J. Burgess Milwaukee Edward Evans
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cases the pleurisy was a terminal infection. In one
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Sighing is often very marked it occurs every respira
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patients are admissible who have been discharged as in
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were read from Lord Provost Russell Professors Rutlieiford
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labyrinth and of its central connections can be determined. These have
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ural looking. The third ventricle is enlarged the aqueduct of Sylvius dilated
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bers to the Medical Journals. Hence frequent mistakes for which the
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for organization the work of the Convention would be



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