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ject. This Society is my pride and my ambition. This Society is

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Disinfection of the Hands with the Hypochlorites op

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Horbaczewski s ther gt ry prolonged observation showed that the excessive

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the greater ones therefore upon such parts as the waters

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educational and developmental stages of life into maturity

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poison injected a high degree of immunity can be produced in large animals

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or after blows or other external injuries. Consider

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ive breeding. Others hold that the innate characters

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clear that the reflex path is of cerebral origin or direction.

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disappear the skin is swollen the pustules may run together

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ter or for worse for richer or poorer in sickness and

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ably tear away from the side of the pons. In carrying out

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malarial fever or from fibrotic changes such as may ultimately occur in

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Appendicitis Dr. John A. Gaines of Nashville read a

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