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the superior mesenteric receiving in its course the gastric pancreatic
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now prevented us from observing it but of a trutli it is and
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firm nodules around large vascular branches from which whitish
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with a sudden sctting in of extensive and acute disease.
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lymphocytes are to be seen but it is rare in normal adult
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marked. In fact the parents considered the child well.
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troops. Hear hear. As a Surgeon in the field he w as as
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Leukoplakia Oris in Psoriasis and Other Dermatoses. Schutz Archiv
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and shrinking occur to com secretion is exactly compen
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tions of the skin cancerous diseases and the tendency to ner
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tity so far as dangerous infection of infants is con
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methods Giemsa Gram and Leishman numerous bacilli of
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three years and under were received for treatment In
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increases their discomfort as shown by Cases and of this
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twenty four hours without discomfort taken in divided doses. MM. Seifert
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pearing first in the feet or cerebral embolism may follow.
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curring in one individual after another. One ewe expels
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able. When pneumothorax develops late in phthisis radical measures
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likened to the explorers of a strange country who were fully acquainted
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The major portion of the treatment has relation to
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of the muscular lesion we cannot but formulate hypotheses regarding the
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limited. You will then be convinced that the graceful lateral
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condition In order to study this white mice were inoculated intra
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in whom are insanity of thought or insanity with de
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the epidemic so that practical measures may be taken
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iohalation of a black rust which infests the reed or Arundo donax
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Hospital Pr actice must be taken out elsewhere. Now it is obvious that
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remarkable and may be traced by any one acquainted with the
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found the dog surrounded by a number of rattlesnakes which bit him in
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by palpating outward against the thigh the operator easily recog
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has therapeutic value. As a matter of fact quarantine as
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be derived from that class of remedies unquestionably whose
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the index value of any given twenty four hours speci
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and the formation of much lymph an attempt having been made
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to side and tlie lateral incisors wanting where the
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duodenum that the ileal contents were solid or fluid
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produce one or other of the foUo o ing Certificates . Of
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as to allow free drainage of the discharge. This stage
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the commissioner was shown to his amazement a room of ex
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albuminuria in pregnancy. Possibly this is one of the parts
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in heated stones hot iron or pails of hot water to cause the



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