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Again the diaphragm is said to cause the circular reces

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very questionable and improper methods of raising funds

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the case as one of hemochromatosis. Pigmentation without enlarged liver

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of the disease without these lesions having been the channel of its

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cause the fact that it is not operative in cold weather

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ment which society at large suffers from the loss of men like

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quacks. The evil has become so serious that a soci

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was not obvious to the prejudiced senses of the mother until the child

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sary to divide the neck of the bladder with a probe pointed

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fluid extract or active syrup of cascara sagrada. Clinton.

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more frequently infected with trichinae than in Germany. That the

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the intrinsic are supplied by the third and the sympathetic.

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ad ice of her Privy Council to appoint William Sharpey

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the surgical staff will expend all of its energies.

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added to each part up to the cc. mark. Each parchment tube then

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the necessity for an extension of time. What could have been

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si.x cases were complicated by other operations. In his

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cannot even explain the mode of origin propagation and death

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path of our advancing knowledge of the malady are separated by

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occurs in a child under three the probability is strongly in favour

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had been broken in an attempt made to extract it by her

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sparks and snuffs as where candles are employed and that by

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dothinenteritis or the intestinal affection according to Dr. Gerhard is not.

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inquiry to show that the primary and secondary stages either one or

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discharge into the dressings which occurred within the

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The disease which has lieen known in South Africa for about

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portance and it is sometimes remarkably beneficial.

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All the organs were apparently normal. Both kidneys



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