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ical Association and an honorary member of the Cal

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a person not a lunatic As these letters follow one after the

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Typhoid fever is an acute infectious disease caused by a

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Camp Tanner he found varicocele with great frequency

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with tuberculosis is by far the most frequent way of entry

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and with a brush place a dot of Indian ink over each

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It has been shown that by combining in vitro an anti

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only the primary qualification for entry into the profession. If

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flexes which cause them to be absolutely irresponsive to any irrita

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same time and the vocal cords approximated so as to close

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gation and drainage as soon as the exciting cause was removed.

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wiferr in Vienna and justly earned for him a European

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Certain drugs of which the most important is alcohol have an im

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was thought some years ago nevertheless its frequency

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is of great practical value in the early diagnosis of

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Dr. Wagner admitted that the examination made at the

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forms of skin disease and it is interesting to note in the older

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Pregnancy is prematurely interrupted in two thirds of the

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in most beautiful distinctness the rosy satiny non

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kidney is forced to work up to the limit for example after

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ment and catalogues from dairy supply houses which of course

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successful results of its performance hitherto. A fatal peri

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greatly distended and she suffered considerably from

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be inferred that the fatigued traveller becomes paralytic from

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mal but the time of its advent varies largely according to

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with a little Dover s powder was administered at night to

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we were to accept v. Behring s conclusions it would

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case. Respecting the mode in which death was produced it may



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