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and trophic changes in the skin such as herpes and bullae are

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lished her book entitled Studies in Invalid Occupation

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even the best there is too often indication that a high

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cumstance and reports cases in which such emotion was apparently causative.

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opinion either as to its origin or mode of extension. It is certainly

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Demonstration of the Difference between Syphilis and Skin

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Stephenson President of the Medical Society presided. The

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made to the institution of every kind of degree test or qualification

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the latter there were but few cases and generally they termin

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nancy and the menopause it may be considered almost

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no history of tuberculosis on either side of the family and the patient

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of the observations and conclusions presented we can


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medical far exceed those of theological education the endownaents of the

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parietes are endeavouring to expand them that the air is

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are capable of acting upon soap and forming with it a

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our energies toward our own internal affairs and purge and

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vegetables provided and the patients would often pre

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nor hears he is wholly unconscious. The face becomes blue the

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that the pain she had had foi nine years had entirely

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small sharply defined eminence under the free anterior tip of the

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occurred in and in of Hochsinger s bone lesion occurred four

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While these plates are being examined let us turn our

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In view of the intensity of the reactions following these two uijections

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far as my observation extends is an invariable symptom so

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further injury to some of the abdominal viscera and slight

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with the larynx. A diphtheritic ulcerative process of the laryn

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to those who require it denied to those who do not

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Aurora James Hackett Newmarket J M. Hart Wilfred H.

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results have followed from ignorance of the cause which determined the

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law of and what there was was chiefly by free oes.

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common observation. The many accidents to which polypi are

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In this edition of Ilaig s well known treatise much new

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tributions upon reptiles and mammals. Further studies of dip

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Duirs and Davies proceed to toast the Society in humor

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body attended with loss of the power of utterance and pale sallow or

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of two railroad cars and his pelvis crushed. He was

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tion of fluid in front of the sac. which extended into the

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never lost a patient from ague notwithstanding that I gave sulphate

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A complete list of references for Beta. Microglobulin in

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that state of anxiety for a whole week. Gooch in giving a

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patient awaiting a complete though slow recovery. Mr.

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XXV. A Report on a Plan for transporting Wounded Soldiers by Railway



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