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psoas to the level of the third sacral vertebra. Length

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each of these a special material organ must be required. If we

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feel that the amount of separation was any index as to

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bath water in cases of typhoid fever dysentery cholera or other com

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pain was elicited. Prompt recovery followed a few applications of

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Dr. John B. Roberts in his editorial comments on Savory s arti

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districts with paid vaccinators who supply lymph to tlie

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script. When necessary to elucidate the text illustrations will be

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when ether was added the earlier extracts were less toxic but

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inches long perfectly straight separate from one anoth

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As an important factor in the persistence of chronic suppurative disease of

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substance or substances which spread into the maternal tissues and

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although in this country except for passing references it has not

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bacillus. But in the tissue it is distinguished par

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Cancer of the uterus while usually occurring between

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therapeutic power and from my investigations I have no

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The chief accident caused l gt y these tumours after labour is hemorrhage.

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surgery and the influence of race sex and age in surgical

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panied by molecular changes therefore Vital force is merely

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Alpha Omega Alpha Prize Competition. Pursuant of its policy of

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authorities as a pest house for the accommodation of

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ment of secondary lymphatic growths in various parts of the body.

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marked there are dropsical accumulations in the serous cavities more

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These points summarized essentially as above by Boufrleur

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situation character of gland infection and so forth he

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subsequent microscopical examination of the specimen by Dr. Vissman

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inherited tendencies may increase the liability of con

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ophthalmic tests with these suspensions were negative.

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That is also why educated arid generous citizens have come

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Diseases of the Rectum axi gt oi.u.n anh Their Sur

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If the stone is small the operation may be completed without



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