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muscles of the left leg and foot causing some impairment

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zation has made wonderful strides. Two years ago it had only

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ance of the starch digestion seems to be the most fre

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only. Throat Gram positive streptobacilli and cocci only.

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Thus when cocoanut oil was placed in the intestine of anesthetized an

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The diagnosis of carcinoma of the head of the pancreas was made

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treatment of some cases of uterine fibroids uterine hemor

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evident that the influence of anaesthetics is excellent in pre

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simple sublimate but differing from the simple salt

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Map showing the distribution and relations of this forma

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advantage in commencing the use of quinin during the first paroxysm

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operation when the chill is expected. Abstain from milk diet butter

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cently come to hand afford a basis for comparison be

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exposure to fatigue wet or cold by marriage amp tc.

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In corresponding with Advertisers please mention The Medical and Surgical Reporter.

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quent in the United States as in European countries. In England and Wales

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help the Department of Health in raising the general

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tions which mip ht occur evenly over the heart muscle

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The posterior branch is found at the intersection of the horizontal line

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next appears around the slough and the subcutaneous tissue

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of them evidently light one of Bergmann s cases was tracheotomized

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was able to dissect out the cyst without opening the

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of the cases. The species of offending caterpillar was

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seized suddenly one evening after a hard day s skating when

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Dear Doctor Shall I be trespassing too much upon your

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day after the accident left the hospital. The points

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assert that gastric juice made acid with organic acids

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so as to overlap the end of the other fragment and the

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Counsel for defendant invites attention to the case of Smith vs. Lane

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and by the stagnation of the circulation caused by a phys

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Dr. Jacobi himself removed them. This was in July when

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degrees carrying you on towards the end. At present

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A complete list of references for New Approaches to

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leave behind it important results. To whom the credit is due of effecting

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Still I imagine several babies have had sterilized milk and

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Science Monthly entitled Cross Education. In it he discusses an

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smile but go out and sit down for a serious think by yourself.



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