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state in an important organ. It leaves the testicle deprived of its natural
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permanent membership and that all permanent members should be
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Employed in cases of chronic hepatic torpor and atony of various organs
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must be distinguished from that due to other causes p.. The
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anatomy and etiology of rheumatism remain doubtful.
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subject I shall not enter into the details of the diag
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Chicago incises a piece of the renal tissue in order to
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tion of the technique for the performance of the Wasser
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AVindler of Berlin shows a very simple and efficient
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which he has found so efficient that he has never lost a
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been no vomiting or jaundice at any time and no fever that the
few cases only are recorded in medical literature as ending in recovery.
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to completely eradicate the infection from the country. It is at
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school system was at fault nor to what oortion of the Dominion
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substance or substances which spread into the maternal tissues and
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increase of the phosj hates in the urine during the ichole course
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sea water. During school hours the children were in a
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There are three leading theories as to the pathogenesis of rickets
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taining close r ationships with national nedical and scienbifiOi
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study on the nervous system have occurred in our owi
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islator. Since that episode he has been comparatively
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found this already much smaller than at the first operation. Evidently
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hospital care for aural or other reasons were transferred to the convalescenl
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entirely normal except for a minute gray spot near one papillary
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the interior supporting fibers for the nerve cells each of which
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mode consisted in the application of a handkerchief round the
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order. Yet the most careful examination of the epigastric region
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are drowsy stumble and fall on slight provocation. Turning of
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there is real want of sleep. Narcotics should always be avoided if
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thus a wound in a leg producing an enlarged gland in the groin.
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products advertised alongside Sanatogen Musterole and all the
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can the crutches be made. Therefore in a case which
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give Sulphur Hepar sulphur or Conium. Daily doses of the remedy
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tion and r istration which appears to leave little to be desired.
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main of medicine than of surgery yet the latter has
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inosculating branches to the obturator artery. The epigastric artery
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a standard remedy for this purpose as its neutralizing power is



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