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temperature it is painful and reddened in spots soon the red

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of leukaemia as a condition in which there is a great increase

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Her mental condition was at first one of imbecility rather

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allow of surgical action. When it is applied to the tongue

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bilateral and are typically radicular in distribution but all functions repre

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over the thighs the external genitals the integuments of the abdomen

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sis of the fixed and irrational habits which support

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of experiments Avith acupressure on the lower animals and

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On exposure to air the feet and hands get blue and cold. The

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firmed it is good evidence that the manufactory of the young cells

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You have palpitation from the slightest causes you have generally

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order. Yet the most careful examination of the epigastric region

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proportion of the most respectable population of Boston

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gas is inadequate to produce anesthesia with any certainty and Wdls

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that the importance of this complication is exaggerated by

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ing horizontally between the chest and the abdomen which it separates

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patient presents a terrible picture unequaled in any other disease and one

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be feared however that very many members of our profession

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dysmenorrhoea in general giving a description of the sev

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so prepared that it will not readily be broken up in the

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fractures was exposed a wedge including callus was sawn

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North Dakota Texas Wyoming. On licenses issued on a

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ployed towards the close of the campaign and to have caused



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