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nized as a macular syphilidc or a syphilitic roseola appearing

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the agent witnesses the signature attests the regularity

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sewed up the wound leaving in salt solution and the

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Am AND ExEUciSE. Nothing tends more to the preservation of

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dust dissemination is increased. If the cleaning up is done during

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with final destruction of the muscular fibres without

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all body tissues hemopoietic tissues included but there is

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could not be expected that the latter could feel an interest in scientific

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ganized substance of the stomach in the absence of aliment on which to

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by acupressure. The needle was removed at the end of forty seven

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who since September last has had no fewer than four attacks each

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between phosphate of lime and phosphate of magnesia are very

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ally to patients with heart lesions with whom local

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Griffin and of the Rotary Club serving both in many

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formed between the sexes. As civilization advances

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of nitric acid. If bile pigments are present the characteristic

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miliary tubercles in this situation are prone to become fibrous.

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of a physician and was so anxious to cure that he exclaimed

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being done. In one case where the remains of an old trau

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bad very nearly proved fatal to me A considerable quanti

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Such were the results of the examination made for the

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eruption still more care is needed than in cases of simple scarlet

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tearful mode of relief. According t lt Dr. Jacintho Rodrigues Pereira Reis



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