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been made. The skull was found badly fractured both over
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Abstract from Post mortem Jommal External. The body
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presented mainly in the hope of again drawing atten
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main and after a time are excited by unknown causes to activity.
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liqaid in the pleural cavity. As the liquid however is either sero fibrinous
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This is an attempt to present the bones not as concretions of
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new born blood cells carrying them to full maturity.
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Such were the results of the examination made for the
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at least. majors g Ophthalmology at least. major h Skin and Venereal
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secondary effects such as S mcope angina or cerebral
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soon relapsed into his former condition and acetate of morphia
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Visick silver medal Mr. Houghton certilicate. I ractical
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didate Jabez Kellogg of Mid. District and were perfectly
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brain substance or medulla of the rabid animal that has inflicted a bite
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only slight but by changing the plaster at intervals
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foreign Ijody were unfavorable for its successful re
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of one hundred and Efty six cases he found the strepto
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Chorea then the spinal cord and covering may be attacked and cause
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on the other side of the neck became involved. A rash
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Mrs. M. age twenty two of light complexion and quite tall not
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considerable amoimt of the reproach was connected with
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brain and spinal cord from obliterative arterial disease.
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proportion of lytic serum necessary to cause hemolysis. So it may be
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a diaeaee of middle life as few oases are observed after the
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bold front which they are now manifesting they should
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of this method of operating is one of its chief recommendations and
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tion of the quantity or quality of the blood generally
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added to the appearanoes ubmitted to our consideration than
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can be conquered if one removes to those elevated re
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fifty one copulations seventy five. per cent. of which
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which Boas terms the ideal surgery for the relief of pyloric
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would be only as much in amount as would satisfy her
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mer there cannot be loss of sensation or of sensibility
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with the slightest stiffness or pain. In another case I
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presented in comparing the children born per married
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ment of key Medical Department officers to Medical Section Headquarters
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ti. a marked degree and this he noti. another point of



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