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be troublesome. Were there nothing in the pleural cavity but the

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a silver bivalve speculum in his ear with the aid of a strong

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basal ganglia particularly in the optic thalamus. Westphal Siemerling

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duction to be effected by forcible extension of the arm and we

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marizing from his own cases and those reported by others

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sidered as a branch of that nerve the other for the same reason

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typhoid bacillus and the Bacillus ramosus or root bacillus. The

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us in a much greater degree than the sensory symptoms which are

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Morphologically the organism has remained unchanged during

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bronchi and their attendant nerves which this swelling

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instance in there were according to the report of the

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bert Spencer and it was difficult in looking at him or

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the youngest case was a male thirteen days old no anesthesia

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correspondence during the febrile period between the daily temperature and

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tial while medicines are employed to bring back the tone of the

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lesions which went on to cancer were marked by a pro

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For this reason the operation was named after both these gentlemen.

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lacca decandra. It is quite a different plant from poke root or

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is a condition of aptyalism or dry mouth as it is often

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cases is that reliance cannot be placed upon a single

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looking for a case for some time upon which to p r

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statement tallying closely with this is that during

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of the baboons in which as Professor Owen admitted the

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nitrogen is given off in bubbles in the liquids of the body particularly

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to gonorrhoeal rheumatism pointed strongly to a mi

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have not. It is also true that naturalists differ as to whether

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union between it and the anterior aspect of the ends of

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will have pneumonia another rheumatism and a third diarrhoea.

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low. I found her pulse medium in size soft quick and irre

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for fear of hurting themselves. Generally several joints are attacked at

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nary standing when the foot is voluntarily allowed to

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have attained to great wealth but he always remained poor.

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condition of the brain is necessary for healthy manifestation of mind.

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pints. The microscope shows the presence of leukocytes shreds

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Veterinary Serums of the Institut Pasteur Paris France that their



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