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joints of several fingers. I have also seen a similar affection in a

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changed for the worse and she had had several attacks

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endorse in full the doctrine it conveys and believe their

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examination and were signed jy the physician. This saved

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ing to enter the urethra by as small an o iening as

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of tinea tonsurans. It was.shown that this agent caused the hairs to

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might be non commissioned officers if you please. There is no

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with deep snoring and insensibility. The patient was treated for

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show that its marvelous activity in certain directions

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The left iliac bone was extensively invaded by a tumor mass with an

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question in three of them while in the remainder it pro

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nounced metabolic changes as manifested by elevation

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from observation with some of these evidences still

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matter than we thought whereupon having given much consideration

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communication that the Bellot institution was physically and

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saline and CO ingredients and their effect upon the cuta

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The opacity is sometimes much deeper seated so that you

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fourth grain of nitrate of pilocarpine was administered

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arthritis of the hip had long been the despair of both phy

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that chorioepitheliomata were by no means malignant

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features are pinched. The skin of the body not only feels cold but

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such extensive gangrene as to necessitate amputation. The gan

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of Bygiene of the Royal Veterinary High School in Hanover. Ger

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for before closing the incision. At the Polyclinic Hos

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or if we become too warm from heavy wraps or overheated

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earlier stages of continued fevers I cannot help regarding

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