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but are happy to favour ouV readers with the account

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phia hypodennatically administered grs. will usually

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case to observe during the last few years It has been

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ment of the heart beats and arrest of the heart in diastole.

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could procure a little and an audience to witness the experiment.

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He took advanced views in its treatment. In view of

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which the muscles are cut through as far as the rectus

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The disease is capable of transmission from the patient to another

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pens in cases of true gonorrheal ophthalmia. This discharge from the vagina

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of sugar out of protein. A process of gluconeogenesis new formation

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The indications are not very frequent. Of gastrectomies

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chloride of sodium chloride of potassium sulphate of soda phosphate

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care providers the consequences are extremely costly

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gelsemium. Its adulterants consist mainly of artificial glu

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District of Columbia medical society see Medical society of the

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although Dr. Duncan s last report showed a mortality

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uterine action or pain may possibly increase the area liable to discharge

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evidence before the sanitary commission in favour of this state medical

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short of their complete enucleation. Improvement of

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have but a few octogenarians to tell the occurrences of the last

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person will be considered entitled to medical attendance

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The disease which easily ranks first in this respect

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jecting fresh clean water through the tube attached

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are often detained there for months and even years.

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you what may be gleaned from the post mortem room bearing upon

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with the teeth to turn his attention to the teeth as a cause

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