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form of the disease which Merkel describes is caused

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long suggested an infectious origin for acute articular

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the action of the kidneys disabled by the carbolism.

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following lesion of the trunk of the sympathetic in the

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suffering with other infections such as grippe etc.

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Harvey where sound vessels were found in a man at the

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loO Watson Williams Osteo plastic Frontal Sinus Operations

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which reflects the accepted views of scientific authorities

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naise and butter on sandwiches. Soy sauce is also an excellent seasoning for

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each main items of cost are taken and compared with

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the subclavian artery of that side. They then ascend along

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monitory symptoms of ardent stinging heat of skin great thirst

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To this he attributed the symptoms which were relieved by

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From point of view of the patient it is the ideal anaesthetic Its

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stance that the nasal secretion is not a favorable culture

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tions such as too high a temperature or the action of certain

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earlier years of service the mortality is between and per

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enlarge subsequently. Again the physiological properties of

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and in fail health. No history of tuberculosis can be

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gina and those from the blood of a patient with puer

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Science Monthly entitled Cross Education. In it he discusses an

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British Whig of being the hoaxer whereupon Mr. Francis Hall

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the B class those fairly able and the C class those whose parents

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the lake and polluting the water supply the water of Lake Michigan

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could not pull it lower than the edge of the acetabulum. In

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fibula one week of confinement is all that is necessary.

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and commutation in lieu of quarters when such are not available.

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cumstances the mortality would be per cent or under

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and accurate observation would be able to distinguish the effect

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possibility and the occurrence of a spontaneous dis

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Canada in he commenced practice with Dr. Arnoldi of



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