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according to the method of Larson producing areas of infiltration the size of

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solutions to overstain with eosinf after a longer or

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Fig. running between two buttons of neuro librous tissue which marked

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the soft parts the position of the patient s head during

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The pathological lesions of the nervous system of the later stages of

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ery with artial paralysis and the other in death five

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forehead bathed in cold sweat the extremities cold and the pulse

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cause of the same. In the chronic form sensible and motory

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lem barrister Toronto. The widow of Dr. Macklem became

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tinguished from them by being in general smaller and longer in pro f

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perative on account of hemorrhage. In Cases IX and X

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istration had been shown. An important application of its

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My practice in general is to visit my fever patients two or three

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ful whether you will get well. Something may be done

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that it might be chiefiy of the friable character I inU oduced

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the dried was zrhj of an inch. Moreover it is shown

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not difficult to make out that it is not continuous

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that is the method of mounting. Canada balsam is used

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pain it is not like incision attended with the loss of blood it

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dilatation of the pupil when atropine has not exercised any action of the

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sporum Audomrd the mushroom which causes Porrigo deoakoM

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meningitis. There were purpuric spots on the chest and

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Separate and Combined Systems. The sewers and drains of a city

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first attracted little attention although it was pub

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The relation of the bacilli and filaments is a matter which



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