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with the fixing forceps. In restless peoj Ie and pro
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Brown states that an appearance of ruddy health does
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tions have shown not only that flat eyes have a tendency from the
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ledge of the values of different foods in health will alone
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uterus upon the emulgent veins which we can readily understand
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consciously corrects I began to suspect that the eye
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You employ your antiphlogistic remedies but find no improve
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pain tenderness on pressure especially in the right iliac region
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medicine it is stimulant cathartic diuretic anthelmintic and astrin
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moderate grade of anaesthesia about the chest are not uncommon they are apt
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externally is peculiarly appropriate to skin affections. Psoriasis and
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cietj. There is then a pathology of the social body
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explain his feelings he describes a tickling sensation in the larynx or
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accommodate the hand and flexed condition of the wrist
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old affections of the liver and spleen and kidney derangements
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produce one or other of the foUo o ing Certificates . Of
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of tubercle in producing haemoptysis. The connection between pulmonary
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antitrypsin. It was also possible that some of the meta
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retained whilst the past affords to his mind images of unparalleled
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in the beginning strongly objected or opposed this muti
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swelling of pancreas or areas of softening incision should be



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