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Hand rub his cheeks three times a day and apply the white

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Dupuytren which contains the anatomical collections

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occurred. The intellectual powers were feeble and memorv

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tion of heat and largely for this reason they withstand

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phthisis that occur in the Massachusetts General Hospital and by collecting

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turbs the equanimity of mind either during before or after meals

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formation not only has the patient become irreparably impaired as

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part of the vagina. In the slight cases when much pain was

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tried including the most powerful local astringents

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Serum in Its Treatment. Lieut. Wahl has just completed certain work at

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mentof diseases of the stomach cancer of pylorns ex

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for dangerous laxity in treatment especially on the part of the

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Simplicity Cloth Baths Racine Copying Presses Smita s Office

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terial hence homologous immunity would have been expected. We are now

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in which this optic ciliary neurotomy had been practiced.

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and was always faithful in whatever he undertook. He was reverent and

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Class I. A person goes from a clean into an infect

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M. Duchanoit thioks that among poisonous fungi one kind

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of the th January. He had been somewhat stupid all day

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Examinations pardonable pride when his inside pocket contains the

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and sent from the State one of the ablest veterinarians she pos

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ticles of diet which contain just as much iron are entirely

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women than are the older men. On the contrary the fear of gonorrhea

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the smallpox problem at different points simultaneously

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by action of diluted acetic acid on sanguinaria. Dose

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for certain articles of food in patients of whom were

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Hey nert layer of irregular ganglionic cells in cor

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attacked the human species land and water fowl and pigs

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Much that has been said about the spinal cord may be also

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has not well separated. In such cases to obtain clear

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cases. The hammock operation stitching the omentum to

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Pattison s Gout wadding a preservative and curative ageBt in

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having used it only twice in the last three months.

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unhealed and we omit the use of remedies it will soon spread



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