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for one week in absolute alcohol for twenty four hours
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vorable or more severe than those treated with it. The difference in
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tenacious synovial fluid. Many persons can make all their fingers crack by
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ment of the urinary system is one of the most common symp
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of doubtful insurability at all. And this is wliat we
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the benefit of some of the valuable reports offered there.
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afterward returned to the staff of JB amp J Clinic in.
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out of ten cases. Eczema dermatitis herpetiformis pemphigus syphilis
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country in. In conjunction with others in he assisted
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coui se to be pursued in just sucli a case some inclining
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the subcutaneous cellular tissue of the lower extremities I
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templated in the two Anglo Saxon countries to accomplish the same
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times the pneumonia develops suddenly and violently with
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Stober He obtained cultures from the moldy wood in the homes of
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separated by a blunt director so as to leave a loose pouch
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rarified air as forms part of the ordinary furnishings of most
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led to such results is still to be stigmatised as unjustifiable
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generation and the loss of body heat are automatically and
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Dr. Audubert of Luchon reports Ann. de la Pohjclinique de Bordeaux
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being brought on at any time from excitement or over
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possible from any knowledge whatever of their hearts.
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weight. The mother was advised to discontinue taking
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investigations are tlie most difHcult parts of diagnosis.
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covers. Notwithstanding the defects which are chiefly
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usually limited to one group of muscles and is rarely symmetrical from the
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that the intestines were involved. He had never resorted



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