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suspicious case to the hospital immediately. If the

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A tumor excised from the finger of the right hand re

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proper water supply to provide suitalile means of dis

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that the presence of a syphilitic antibody is necessary to prevent

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every two hours for seven or eight doses may be tried.

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tissues and as different doses produce different effects I shall

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tendent and that he had as an assistant one who was a

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pearance of horrible emaciation the skin of the abdomen

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tributions from Berlin alone number twenty three and the

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tive catalogue of the specimens illustrating the pathology

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Blood root and Skunk Cabbage ozs. each. Diaphoretic expectorant

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collecting eleven cases of congenital malaria which

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engaged in trying to solve the sad problem of where next wcck b

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ever have been made in all parts and considerable new matter has

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tocks comfortably and is provided with a broad flange

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osity and philanthropic spirit a stranger with a broken leg on our

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cavity percussion and auscultation show a complete absence

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invest the liver with so much interest in relation to loss of

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unskilful Physician said that the derangement w as functional

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peculiar appearance. This condition of the mouth and fauces disap

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some cases narrated that were cured by electricity where

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customed evacuation of blood which every month should

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lating in the blood into the cerebrospinal meninges of monkeys. In

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ence of practical sanitarians rather than theoretical

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lo Nationsg Institute of Arthritis and Metabolic Diseases



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