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the training and experience necessary to provide meaningful testimony on the

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Strychnin is another drug enjoying considerable reputation as a circulatory

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two conical dorsal teeth and the posterior ray of the caudal

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lieve that the position he took then was the correct one

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not present because the teeth do not show the atypical changes de

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For a number of years the English physicians have used carbonic acid

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Henry Mainwaring a lineal descendant of the latter was in

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parotitis is common and over per cent of cases prove fatal.

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will include the following Crown nominees Dr. Parkes Dr. Quain

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cyanosis which is confined to the finger nails. The color is heliotrope.

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dulness on the left side. In this case he had been led

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branches of the temporalis superficialis and frontalis.

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committee of inquiry into the whole subject. Not much encouragement

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wall with glandular hypertrophy and chronic endometritis.

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many others of the best selling subscription books in this coun

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in Menobranchus Necturus is incomplete as is that of Osborn

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American Journal of the Medical Sciences. The conclusions which

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cross and highly bred cattle their precocious development

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little trouble about hemorrhage. There ought to be no

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conjunctiva and lips are injected. The tongue is broad shows indenta

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complained of pain and stiffness in moving his lower jaw.

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stitutes the first degree of frost bites and which is usually

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and it rarely assumes greater dimensions or even becomes gen

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good for life but poor for a good ankle joint in which

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underlies and possibly has caused thinning of the adjacent cranium when

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to a proportionate extent in otlier localities. In fact

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symptoms ensue. The case of sarcinal disease is on a par

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rienced no difficulty in breathing while Mr. CoxweU in

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incipiency in childhood often under the eyes of the school

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of the great toe but sometimes in other joints especially the ankle

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of the abdomen. The facial gt xpression was dull and sleep was

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Prolonged jaundice is indicative of gall stones rather than of catarrh

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walk and drive and to seek ainu ement and recreation.

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prevention may do so on application to the hospital

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children tuberculous meningitis occurred usually as an

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whether surrounded by adhesions or not is the exposure of both ureters

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a slight and inconstant ett ect on the blood pressure occurs. No great

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ence between the sexes still exists although to a somewhat less degree

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Pain is described as follows by different reporters

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